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The static resume is the flaw. It’s the reason the online job search process is so bad. Resumes are the fax machines of modern-day job seeking. 

At Enfuego, we've created a cutting-edge platform that intuitively captures and communicates the applicant's skills to employers via a dynamically generated resume that is automatically customized to better match a given job description!


It takes the average person 2 hrs to create a resume. Who has the TIME or emotional fortitude to tweak their resume for each & every job opportunity?

It can be exhausting and is one of the reasons that 82% of job seekers believe that technology makes finding a job HARDER rather than simpler.

At Enfuego, we don't believe you should have to meticulously change your resume for each and every job.

With our platform- our Dynamic Resume Building technology uses data from your Skill Cloud & Automated Profile to create a Job Matching Score for potential jobs.

When you find a match, Enfuego will create a Dynamic Content Resume (free of formatting & typographical errors) customized to match the job description based on your existing skills.

Enfuego's platform puts an end to the tyranny of a lousy job search, and our process makes the resume process suck much less!

Automated Profile Creation

Automated Profile Creation

job skill cloud

Job Skill Cloud

dynamic content resume

Dynamic Content Resume

Job Scoring Match

Job Scoring Match

Error Free Resume Formatting

Error Free Resume Formatting & Submission

The Enfuego platform allows job candidates to successfully navigate the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) screening process, which leads to landing interviews and obtaining jobs that are a vocational and financial fit.


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We Help Job Seekers Find The Right Job

Enfuego helps job seekers by providing a service that accurately highlights their skills and formulates a dynamic resume that presents them as a solid candidate for jobs they apply for.

All too often the best candidate for a job is overlooked. This is because the automated ATS system rejects resumes for formatting or word omission flaws in their resume.

In fact, upwards of 75% of resumes never even get seen by a human!

We have researched how these “robots” work and understand the best practices for generating well-formatted resumes. Enfuego bridges the gap between employers and job seekers with tools to match people to work that works for them.

At Enfuego, we help...

  • Unemployed or under-employed talent looking for job opportunities.
  • Job seekers looking for better opportunities or a career change.
  • Military personnel transitioning to jobs in civilian industries.
  • Companies seeking the most qualified candidates.


benefits of enfuego


Evaluating before you invest is important…and encouraged. Because we created the Enfuego platform to be innovative and economical.

Users of our platform will have access to more tools in one place than competitor sites. And our proprietary Skills Navigator provides users with information regarding skills that jobs in their industry require for career advancement.

Job applicants can also create unlimited Dynamic Content Resumes for all positions they apply for. Our platform is also FREE OF ADVERTISING!

  • Unlimited Dynamic Content Resumes for each job applied for.
  • Skills necessary for jobs displayed with listings.