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How The Enfuego Platform Works:


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We Automatically Create Your Resume For This Specific Job

The Enfuego platform allows job candidates to successfully navigate the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) screening process, which leads to landing interviews and obtaining jobs that are a vocational and financial fit.

STOP Using The Same Boilerplate Resume For Each Job!

You are unique...

Shouldn't your resume be unique as well?

Enfuego allows you to automatically create a specialized resume for each job to best reflect your unique job skills & experience.

You know using the same boilerplate resume for every job doesn't work, but who has 2 hours to create a unique resume for each job...

That's why we've created the Enfuego job platform. Once you've set up your account, Enfuego allows you to automatically create a specialized resume for each job to best reflect your unique job skills & experience Simple, fast, & effective!

We Help Job Seekers Find The Right Job

Did you know 75% of resumes never get seen by a human?

Simple, easy to make formatting mistakes or word omissions in your resume will cause it to get rejected by the employers’ Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  

Unfortunately, no one ever tells you what these errors are!

This is why you can submit 50 resumes and never hear anything back from the employer - the resume never makes it to a human.  

And the cycle ensues - you submit the same resume over and over again - expecting different results - yet never hearing from the employer.

Artificial Intelligence was supposed to help us but is instead making it harder for the job seeker.

This is NOT the way.

Enfuego helps job seekers by providing a service that accurately highlights their skills and formulates a properly formatted, unique resume that presents them as a solid candidate for each job they apply for.

With the Enfuego job platform, you will be able to automatically create a unique resume for each job (in just seconds) designed to make it past the ATS System. 

We make Artificial Intelligence work for YOU - not the employer! 

At Enfuego, we help...

  • Unemployed or under-employed talent looking for job opportunities.
  • Job seekers looking for better opportunities or a career change.
  • Military personnel transitioning to jobs in civilian industries.


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Evaluating before you invest is important…and encouraged. Because we created the Enfuego platform to be innovative and economical.

Users of our platform will have access to more tools in one place than competitor sites. And our proprietary Skills Navigator provides users with information regarding skills that jobs in their industry require for career advancement.

Job applicants can also create unlimited Dynamic Content Resumes for all positions they apply for. Our platform is also FREE OF ADVERTISING!

  • Unlimited Dynamic Content Resumes for each job applied for.
  • Skills necessary for jobs displayed with listings.